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About Us

IntrovertsOnly is the first online dating platform designed by introverts, for introverts. While we do offer some paid features, using a free account will not prevent you from using our most important features such as browsing profiles, filtering profiles, private messaging, and algorithmic matching. 

Mission & Philosophy:
Our mission is to help you find the love and happiness you deserve through genuine, compatible connections with other introverts. Our state-of-the-art matching algorithm matches you on what really matters, no matter what you're looking for. We do this by matching you to other members in the areas of Physics, Intellect, and Hobbies.

Matching Algorithm

Things like MBTI, Enneagram, and Big Five personality test results are taken into consideration by the matching algorithm when you include that information within the Personal Details section of your profile. Furthermore, the Extended Search feature provides you with additional filters that can be used to narrow your searches further based on anything you choose, including personality types.

As introverts ourselves, we understand that dating can be exhausting. By mingling with other introverts, you'll feel less awkwardness, relieving you of any pressures to pretend to be something you're not, such as an extrovert. You'll be able to minimize much of the small talk involved in dating and begin to have real, meaningful conversations faster. Here, you are invited and encouraged to be yourself, freely and unapologetically.

Free Features:
Personality Tests, Extensive Profiles, Algorithmic Matching, Private Messaging, Browse Members, Filter Profiles, Search by Username, Profile Visitors, Recently Visited, Like or Pass, Who You Like, Mutual Attractions, Blocked Users, Public Photo Album, Private Photo Album, Private Photo Access Requests, Photo Ratings, Photo Comments, Video Album, Video Comments, Chat Rooms (Desktop), Invite Friends (Desktop), Android App (Coming Soon), and iOS App (Coming Soon). 

Paid Features
Extended Search, Who Likes You, Browse Invisibly, Hide Profile, Message Read Receipts, Boost Profile, Unlimited Audio Chat, Unlimited Video Chat, 3DChat, 3DCity, 3DGames, Ad-Free.

Why date a fellow introvert?
Because introverts tend to...
✓ Understand other introverts.
✓ Respect boundaries.
✓ Be emotionally intelligent.

Enjoy more meaningful connections.
Initiate deeper conversations.
Genuinely appreciate and listen to others.
Be thoughtful in their actions.
Think before speaking.
Be politically aware.
Be lower maintenance.
Be original and less influenced by trends.
Be cautious/deliberate when making decisions.
Develop strong intellects.
Prefer quality over quantity in relationships.
Be self-sufficient and independent.
Think for themselves.
Be happy with the simpler things in life.
Be able to entertain themselves.
Be introspective.
Be well-rounded and intelligent.
Be more content in relationships.
Be less driven by constant attention/praise.

Dating an introvert also means that you'll be able to avoid or minimize some of the things that most introverts aren't fond of:
✘ Small talk
✘ Incessant chit-chat
✘ Not enough alone time
✘ Shallow connections
✘ Parties full of strangers
✘ Frequent house guests
✘ Networking events
✘ Unannounced visits
✘ Lots of talking on the phone
✘ Last minute plan changes
✘ Always being on the go
✘ Group outings
✘ Large crowds
✘ Excessive noise
✘ Being interrupted
✘ Being misunderstood
✘ Being late
✘ Not being heard
✘ Staying out too long
✘ Unpredictability
✘ Drama
✘ Pressure

Welcome to IntrovertsOnly, where it is understood that being an introvert is part of what makes you a great catch, rather than something that needs to be worked on, changed, fixed, or cured.

Disclaimer: IntrovertsOnly does not perform background checks on its members.