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IntrovertsOnly uses email confirmation to verify registrations on the platform. You will receive an automated email at the address you used to create your account. To verify your account, click the "Confirm your email!" button within the email you received from us.

If you did not receive an email from us asking you to confirm your email, please check your junk folder. Be sure to add us to your safe senders or contacts list so you don't miss out on communications from us going forward.

Note: Accounts that remain unverified for 10 days will be automatically removed by the system.

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Homepage > Sign In > Enter Username or Email > Enter Password > Click Sign In

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Homepage > Sign In > Click Forgot Password > Enter Email > Click Send Password > Check Your Email

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Click Upgrade > Enter Promo Code > Click Apply > Click Ok

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Click Settings > Timezone > Select City > Click Save

Notification Settings:

Click Settings > Notification Settings > Choose On/Off > Click Save

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Click Settings > Change Password > Enter Current Password > Enter New Password > Retype New Password > Click Save

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Click Settings > Change Email Address > Enter New Email Address > Enter Current Password > Click Save

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Click Upgrade > Select Package > Click Proceed to Checkout > Click Proceed > Login to PayPal

Premium Expiration:

Click Settings > Premium Account > View Expiration Date


Click Logout > Click Ok

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Click Settings > Delete Profile > Enter Password > Click Delete

Disclaimer: IntrovertsOnly does not perfom background checks on its members.