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Help Center: Free Features

Personality Tests:

Click Personality Tests > Read & Follow

Tip: The Chat Rooms are a great place to discuss your personality test results with other members. Consider including your results in your profile.

Like or Pass:

Click Like or Pass > Click ★ (desktop) or (mobile) to Like, or ✘ to Pass > Repeat

Note: Our Like or Pass functionality is similar to the concepts behind Tinder. The profiles that you like are saved to your Who You Like page. When you like someone, they are notified of the new like via email. This encourages the other member to visit your profile, providing an opportunity to create a mutual attraction. When you pass on a profile, rather than like it, the other member is not notified.

Who You Like:

Click Who You Like (desktop) or You Like (mobile) > View Liked Profiles

Mutual Attractions:

Click Mutual Attractions (desktop) or Mutual (mobile) > View Mutual Attractions

Note: These are members who liked you, and you liked them.

Tip: Consider introducing yourself to your mutual attraction in a private message.

Browse Members:

Click Browse Members (desktop) or Browse (mobile) > Click to Show Filters > Make Selections > Click Done (mobile) > View Filtered Profiles

Profile Visitors:

Click Profile Visitors (desktop) or Visitors (mobile) > View Profile Visitors

Private Messages:

Click Private Messages (desktop) or Messages (mobile) > Click to Expand Conversations

To Delete a Conversation > Desktop Version > Hover Over Username > Click the Trashcan Icon > Click Ok

To Start a Conversation > From a User's Profile > Click Message

Notes: Private message history is limited to 100 messages per conversation. Ten (10) conversations are displayed per page. 

Private Photo Access:

To Add Private Photos > Click Profile > Click Albums > Private Photos > Click + > Upload Photos > Publish Photos

To Grant/Deny Access > Messages > Open Request > Click Grant or Deny

To Request Access > From the User's Profile > Click Albums > Private Photos > Request Access

To View Private Photos > From Left Navigation > Click Private Photo Access (desktop) or Access (mobile)

Notes: If a user grants you access to their private photos, you will receive a system message. If you change your mind after granting someone access to your private photos, click on Private Photo Access from the left navigation (or Access from Mobile) and click Disallow. 

Chat Rooms (Desktop Only):

Click Chat Rooms > Select a Room > Intitiate or Participate in Chat

Note: Chat history is limited to 50 messages per room. 

Tip: The chat rooms are a great place to discuss your personality test results.

Invite Friends (Desktop Only):

Click Invite Friends > Find Friends to Invite > Type Message > Click Send

Tip: Your invites will be sent via Facebook Messenger. 

Blocked Users (Desktop Only):

Click Blocked Users > View Blocked Users

To Unblock > Click Unblock Button > Click Ok

Recently Visited (Desktop Only):

From Left Navigation > Scroll to the Bottom > View Recently Visited Profiles

Tip: Click on a thumbnail to open the corresponding profile.

Disclaimer: IntrovertsOnly does not perform background checks on its members.