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Member Guidelines

We expect all of our members to treat each other with respect, courtesy, and compassion. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for harassing, hateful, deceitful, or hurtful behavior. Unsolicited sexual content including images, usernames, messages, and profile content are considered to be sexual harassment. The best way to make a meaningful connection with someone is to treat them with respect and common courtesy. Please understand that our Member Guidelines apply both online and offline behavior. Yes, you heard that right, your offline behavior could lead to the termination of your online IntrovertsOnly account.

For everyone's safety, if you observe anyone violating our member guidelines, please consider reporting them to us immediately:

1) From the User's Profile > Click More Options > Click Report User > Type Your Message > Click to Send.
2) Send an email to admin@introvertsonly.com.
3) Contact the Community Moderator profile (Katie) via private message.

U.S. Only

Membership is currently limited to residents of the United States only. 


Anything you wouldn't say to someone in person, shouldn't be said online, either. Messages should be respectful, honest, and kind, not passive aggressive, insulting, or rude. Reports of threats, stalking, harassing, or bullying are taken very seriously. Do not engage in, or encourage, any type of targeted abuse or harassment against any other user for any reason. People found to be harassing other users will be permanently banned. Profile content found to be hateful or combative will be removed.

Explicit Sexual Content:

Unsolicited sexual content or profanity in messages, photos, usernames, or profiles is strictly prohibited at IntrovertsOnly. Exposing other members to this content without consent is highly inappropriate and is considered to be sexual harassment. Even if someone expresses that they're interested in hooking up in their profile, this does not mean that they condone this type of behavior. Keep it classy and safe for public consumption. We take sexual harassment very seriously and will permanently ban offenders.


Any hateful material, whether expressed in messages, photos, or profile content, that promotes hate, dehumanization, bigotry, violence, discrimination, terrorism, or gore of any sort, is strictly prohibited and will result in being immediately and permanently banned. Here at IntrovertsOnly, we believe in the inalienable rights of everyone, without exception.

Private Information:

Do not publicly broadcast your private information or anyone else's. This includes phone numbers, email addresses, home/work addresses, social security numbers, passports, passwords, financial information, or unlisted contact information. Violators will be banned immediately.


DO NOT use IntrovertsOnly to drive people off of the platform via link, phone number, email address, or otherwise. Violators will be instantly and permanently banned. 

Fake Accounts:

We do not tolerate the generation of any fake accounts on this platform. Creating fake accounts will get your main account (and any other fake accounts) permanently banned. Fake accounts are not difficult to detect by our admins.


Using our platform for any form of solicitation or exchange of money is strictly prohibited. Do not attempt to use our site to drive members to an external website, email address, phone number, or otherwise. If the purpose of your profile is for something other than to mingle with other introverts, you don't belong here. Advocating or promoting sexual services, human trafficking, or any other sex acts that are non-consensual is strictly prohibited and will result in your account being banned immediately. In certain circumstances, we may contact the authorities. If we have any reason to even suspect that you are trying to lure our members into a romance scam, you will be banned immediately and permanently. Furthermore, if you're found to be advertising an event or business, non-profit, political campaign, contest, or to conduct research, your account will be deleted.


IntrovertsOnly maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any type of predatory behavior. Anyone attempting to get other users' private information for illegal or fraudulent use will be banned. Any user found to be sharing their own financial information, whether PayPal, 2CO, etc., for the purpose of receiving money from other users, will be banned.

Illegal Behavior:

Discussions promoting anything illegal are not allowed on this platform and will result in members being banned. Do not discuss illegal drug use, drug dealing, illegal sex acts, fraud, threats, or anything else that is against the law. If it's illegal in real life, it is also illegal on IntrovertsOnly. 


Don't be fake, be yourself. Users found to be impersonating or misrepresenting an affiliation, connection, or association with any other person or entity will be banned, including parody accounts. 


IntrovertsOnly is a dating platform for people who are 18 and older. We do not allow minors to become members. If you suspect that a profile is being created or used by someone under 18, please report them immediately. Minors will be banned from using our platform.


Your profile photo should be of you, rather than a pet, cartoon, meme, etc. We don't allow photos that contain full nudity or photos that are overly sexual in nature, such as lingerie photos. We do not allow any hateful imagery within member's photos (white power, nazi images, racist memes, etc.). Any photos of anything violent, illegal, offensive, overly sexual, or disturbing will be removed, and you may be banned. Photos of you as a kid or of only your kids (without you in the photo) will be removed.

Copyright & Trademark Infringement:

Don't include copyrighted or trademarked work in your profile unless you have permission to do so.

One Account/Person:

IntrovertsOnly doesn't allow accounts to have multiple owners (couples, friends, etc.) and it doesn't allow one person to maintain multiple accounts. Members caught to be sharing an account or maintainin multiple accounts will be banned.


Please help us keep IntrovertsOnly an enjoyable and safe place. You can report a profile by clicking the dropdown for More Options from the user's profile and then clicking Report User. Alternatively, you can send an email to admin@introvertsonly.com. Thank you for helping to keep our online community safe. 

False Reporting:

Anyone found to be creating false reports against other users will be banned. False reporting isn't difficult to detect by our admins during an investigation, so it's best to always be honest and reasonable when reporting other members.

Dormant Accounts:

If your account remains inactive for longer than a year, IntrovertsOnly may assume that you're no longer interested in using its services and remove your account due to inactivity. 


These Guidelines do not, by any means, serve as an exhaustive list of behaviors that may get you banned. IntrovertsOnly retains the right to ban anyone from the platform for any reason that we see fit. Any member whose presence is seen as disruptive, or even potentially disruptive, will be removed from the platform. In other words, IntrovertsOnly reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, what constitutes the removal or banning of a profile from the system. Users may be removed without warning and without explanation. If you were banned and want to know why, please refer to these guidelines and you are sure to find the answer. 

Notice: Members who get themselves banned will not receive a refund for an upgraded membership that can no longer be used. There are no exceptions to this policy whatsoever.

Disclaimer: IntrovertsOnly does not perform background checks on its members.